Welcome to “The No Blog Blog” This is a space for those who may not have a blog for whatever crazy reason they come up with to write whatever they want. It’s a blog for non bloggers. We do hope to eventually convert said non bloggers to bloggers.

If you don’t have a blog or hell even if you do and you want to write whatever for whomever. this is the place to do it. You can even remain anonymous if you want too.

It’ll be interesting to see what this “No Blog Blog” morphs into.

Thank you to Julie No Blog who doesn’t have a blog or blog herself for the inspiration.

Are you with us? Who is “us” anyway?


52 thoughts on “About

  1. Elyse

    Yes!!! A spot for the non bloggers to blog. Good for you X and you, Gibber. And good for all you non-bloggers who are gonna have a place to not blog. Or something!

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  2. Paul

    Yeah! Yeah! *Dances around whooping loudly* Thank You Gibber, Julie and , of course the ever mysterious and elusive *Drum roll* List of X

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  3. cordeliasmom2012

    Sheesh – I had to hear about this from someone else? Shame on you for not telling me.

    I love the concept of a blog for non-bloggers. I’ve been trying to promote some of them, but having a single place for them to meet is an excellent idea, and I’m looking forward to reading all their posts.

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  4. Trent Lewin

    This is some twisted stuff right here… the contradictions are spinning me around, like I’m in a washing machine and someone just tossed in some exciting vetements. Well, no-blog of the Julie (!), you are just so so cool that I have to be here.


  5. Outlier Babe

    Youse guys are geniuses!

    Wai..ait a minute…if someone (let’s pretend it’s not me) give up my their blog, and post all their posts here, does that mean no one will expect them to follow their blogs any more, because there can be no reciprocal following? So if you post here, all you are looking for is people who want to read you because they want to read you–no one does pity-Likes, or friend-likes or reads, and if they aren’t interested in the first part of what you write, they’ll just skip over it–yeah?

    Will you post anything by anyone, or is there a sort of editorial Julie?

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    1. List of X Post author

      Exactly! You get all the attention for the actual posts without the pressure to give the attention to every other blogger!
      I’m one of the blog owners, and I am not aware of any editorial or acceptance rules here. Of course, if billions of non-bloggers eventually all discover this place and all try to post here, we may have think about laying down some ground rules.

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  6. cordeliasmom2012

    Hey, folks – any idea where Paul Curran is? A number of us bloggers have been emailing him, with no response, and we’re worried because we know he wasn’t feeling well. Now I see that Gibber’s website is marked “Private” and my email to julienoblog@gmail.com was returned as undeliverable. What’s going on? Is everyone OK?


  7. Paul

    So I am told Jenni – Ha! This was a conspiracy on the part of two wonderful bloggers – Gibber and X – who set it up and gave me authorization. I haven’t done much on it yet but there are some posts. It is also used by other bloggers who don’t have blogs – most notably a blogless bloggess named Julie.Thanks so much for your interest.

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    1. Paul

      Hi NBC! Ha! So you’ve found the blog for non-loggers, eh? Ha! I do some posting here as well as doing guest posting. There are a few of us who have author authority here. It started out as a joke and then became a dare and then Gibber and List of X made it real. I think it is cool. Wonderful to have you visit.

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    1. Paul

      Oh, oh, I’ve been discovered,Ha! Welcome Esme. I guest blog in quite a few places and occasionally use this blog that Gibber and X set up. Others do the same. It is eclectic, for sure.

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  8. jenlewis0121

    Paul, for my lack of knowing where-else I should contact/email you, I am writing you this Second comment.

    I just want to say “Thank You!” for liking my writings Legacy and My Heritage. (I’m relatively new to this WordPress and Very much in the ‘learning curve.) (although, I HAVE created and Registered for my own Domain name www jenniferkaylewis.com.) This new ‘blogging’ thing is teaching me that I NEED to ‘Like’ other peoples work and ‘Follow’ some others, IF I want to gain Their Respect as a writer/blogger and in-turn get their ‘Likes and ‘Follows’ returned. (it reminds me of the article I wrote What Goes Around … Comes Around. (the life lessons I have learned Always come back to you! MORAL OF STORY: TREAT OTHERS THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED !! (it’s the forever reigning Golden Rule!)

    (a Major reason in doing this, is that I can now ‘chat’ with the, so called, Happiness Engineers at WordPress so I can learn how to create better blog and understand some of this techy-stuff that is pretty-much ‘foreign’ to me!

    Also, this past weekend, was def a ‘push’ weekend for me as I wrote three short-stories to enter a contest for INDIANA REVIEW magazine. (the grand prize is $1,000 and of course your article will be published in one of their upcoming issues.)

    Well, the writer in me wants to go on … and on … and on. But. I promised me to keep this short(er), so I better be true to my word.

    Have a Terrific Day in our Lord! Smile at someone ~make them want what you share!

    “Thanks again!”

    Jennifer Lewis

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