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GRAMPS (Guest Post by Paul Curran)

From Paul Curran, the blogger with no blog, the trucker with no truck, and the computer expert with no working computer, comes this gripping (both metaphorically and literally) story , in which Paul backs his serious writer looks with some serious writer chops. Check it out!

Cordelia's Mom, Still

Paul Curran has decided to try his hand at fiction, and I am proud that he is sharing his first effort with my readers.  It’s a little longer than our usual offerings, but well worth the read, so get into a comfy chair, and – Enjoy!



By Paul Curran


Shawna’s thick black hair bounced as she threw her kit bag into the trunk of the Lexus and slammed the lid shut. She was not pleased about this outing, but really had no choice. As a grad student studying marine biology with a specialty in tidal flora and fauna, this field trip and the lab work and report that followed were worth 25% of her final mark in this course. Today they were gathering samples of micro-organisms on the Flanagan tidal flats at low tide. She was meeting her lab partner and the other 8 students at the flats…

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