20 thoughts on “Stay tuned…

          1. cordeliasmom2012

            Why do mine have to be trucking stories? Not that I mind, but I’m just curious how you determine which blog gets which post. I know there are some you don’t think would be appropriate for my blog (and as you know, I’ve agreed on at least one occasion).

            Isn’t it satisfying to be so sought after?

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            1. Paul

              ha! no need to worry CM. Gibber was asking for content for this blog so I sent her an essay I wrote a year or two ago. I never thought of using it for publication as it was written to answer a question a reader posed: Why is there an apparent repetition of concepts in the universe? i don’t mind using it here because if it flops then no one is hurt but me. I wouldn’t guest blog elsewhere with it because if it flops, it reduces the traffic to the blogger’s site. And that is a no-no for guest blogger’s etiquette. if this essay does drive readership and is accepted,then I will write more like it for you. Promise. So drop by next week and see what you think. It may be a bit dry for public consumption. We’ll see. 😀

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            1. Paul

              I’m a big believer in diversity. Ha! At my last job we dealt with a supplier called “Diversity” . Believe it or not they had a female employee named “Integrity”. Our maintenance guy dealt with her but when he was out she would leave a message “Please call Integrity at Diversity.” To me there is always Integrity in Diversity – Ha! True story.

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